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Our Products

From VGM Fleet Solutions, customers are provided with the systems they need to maintain control of their Delivery Vehicles ,commercial or personal mobile fleets. Whether you are monitoring your school busses, family drivers, your delivery truck fleets or large equipment, we have a satellite tracking tool customized to your needs. Learn more about our tracking systems including SafetyTraks™, and MobiLoc™, FleetTraks™ and AssetTraks™ below.

In addition, we offer valuable fuel discount programs to help you save big at the pump and vehicle signage to keep your company vehicles consistent with your company branding.


MobiLoc™ is a safety and productivity tool for both employers and families to keep individuals safe while driving. The MobiLoc™ tool disables use of email and text message from a mobile device when the user is in a vehicle traveling over 10 mph. This technology is easily installed on your current mobile devices and completely managed from your company computer. Don't continue to risk liability with irresponsible driving, get MobiLoc™ from MobileLutions.

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FleetTraks™ is a productivity and management tool that provides real time driving information on the location, speed and gas use of your fleet of trucks on the road. The system maximizes employee productivity, tracks time at worksites and reduces speeding. Learn more about how HME providers and trucking businesses are using FleetTraks™ live and in fleet reports!

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SafetyTraks™ is a mobile tracking solution for families. The SafetyTraks™ system monitors location and speed of family vehicles from the convenience of the home computer. Learn more about how families are using SafetyTraks™.


AssetTraks™ is a theft prevention and preventative maintenance solution for construction companies, equipment rental businesses and large farming operations frequently working with multiple large equipment or machinery. This system allows owners to monitor where their equipment is at all times and how many hours the equipment has been used among other useful features. Learn more about how equipment companies are using AssetTraks™.

Fuel Discount Programs

Our Fuel Discount Programs involve exclusive discounts on fuel at over 10,000 locations across the United States, which will help your business save up to 15 percent on your fuel expenses. Through the BP Business Solutions MasterCard, businesses have access to fuel rebates and the ability to keep reports on spending and usage. Users are also able to restrict their employees from using the card during nonbusiness hours and the card is only accepted for fuel and maintenance purchases.

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Vehicle Signage

Through our sister-company VGM OTS, we are now able to offer a cost-effective solution for companies to promote their business through vehicle signage. There is no professional installation needed for a completely custom design to fit any vehicle model! For more on our vehicle signage solutions, visit VGM OTS Vehicle Signage.

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